Meet the team.

Pastor Josh & Audra Richardson

Lead Pastors
Pastor Josh  is a dynamic and passionate spiritual leader who hails from the picturesque state of Arkansas. His journey in ministry is a testament to the transformative power of faith, love, and a steadfast commitment to serving others.
Pastor Josh, along with his wife Audra, embarked on their spiritual journey at the renowned Brownsville School of Ministry during the historic Brownsville Revival. This foundational experience equipped them with the knowledge and spiritual insight that would shape their future in ministry.
Their ministry adventure began as youth pastors in the scenic town of Pagosa Springs, where they played a vital role in nurturing the faith and growth of the younger generation. The call to youth ministry continued to Temple, Texas, where Pastor Josh and Audra devoted themselves to guiding and inspiring the youth of the community.
Their journey eventually led them to Pueblo Christian Center, where they transitioned from youth pastors to assume the role of Lead Pastors. Under their leadership, the church has flourished, fostering a vibrant and loving community centered Christ and family.
Beyond the pulpit, Pastor Josh is not only a spiritual leader but also a hands-on enthusiast with a love for building cars. This unique passion reflects his dedication to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and the joy of creating something beautiful—a trait that resonates with his approach to ministry.
Pastor Josh and Audra believe in creating an atmosphere of warmth and acceptance, where individuals can experience the transformative love of God. Their ministry is characterized by a commitment to authenticity, community engagement, and a genuine desire to see lives transformed by the power of faith.
As Lead Pastors of Pueblo Christian Center, Pastor Josh and Audra continue to inspire, guide, and lead their congregation with a vision for a thriving community rooted in love, faith, and the pursuit of God's purpose.

Pastor Steve Cornella

Pastoral Care & Life Groups

April Amaya

Fine Arts Director

Pastor Tony Amaya

Youth & Young Adult Pastor

Katie Cruz

Office Manager

Pastor Micah Aragon

Worship Pastor & Media

Rose Maddux


Pastor Richie Perko

Childrens Pastor